What happens if my Instructor Certificate expires?

In order to maintain your Instructor Certification after passing the exam, you must remain subscribed to the Instructor Portal. This is your continuing education portal so we can ensure our instructors are staying up to date with the latest choreography releases and updates related to BollyX to help them teach the best possible classes. Your certification never expires or lapses if you remain subscribed. Without a subscription, you cannot teach or co-teach any BollyX classes or lead any demos or songs at conferences or events for liability reasons. As an Instructor*, your account will deactivate 2 years after your initial training date if you aren't subscribed. If you decide to unsubscribe, you may resubscribe at any time prior to your 2-year anniversary date to reinstate your certification to teach. 

If you have previously taken a full 9-hour Instructor Certification Training, did not subscribe and your account deactivated after your 2-year anniversary of your initial training date, you may reinstate your Instructor Certification by doing the following:

  • Email indicating your Instructor Certification expired and you are interested in registering for another Instructor Training. We will look up your information to confirm your details and provide you with a discount code so you can register for an upcoming training. You are not eligible for a free training outside of the 2-year window. Your account will only be reactivated pending receipt of your registration. 
  • Subscribe to the Trainee portal (it will be upgraded to Instructor after you pass your exam again). 30-day free trial not available for portal reactivations.
  • Attend the full training (highly recommended so you will get a refresher/review of the material and be prepared for the practical exam). 
  • Attend only the last 2 hours of the training to take the practical exam at the training you registered for. 
  • If you decide you would prefer to submit an exam without attending another training, you may do that but you will have to submit a longer exam. You still have to register for the specific training even if you choose this option. 
  • After you submit your exam, receive a pass and remain subscribed to the portal, you are Certification will be reinstated and you may begin teaching classes again. 

*As an Instructor, if you are within two years of your initial training date you are eligible to retake another Cardio Level 1 or 9-HR LIT Certification (whatever you've taken before) for no additional charge pending space. Please email to inquire about space availability if interested in retaking another training within your two-year training period. This can also be done online.

*As a Trainee*, your account will deactivate 1 year after your initial training date if you aren't subscribed. If you decide to unsubscribe, you may resubscribe at any time prior to your 1-year anniversary date to re-open your portal to prepare for your practical exam to obtain your Instructor certificate.

Please note that anyone retaking a certification will not be receiving another tank/tee shirt (unless paying full price for the training). Also, recertification trainings do NOT change your initial training date, which is the date used to determine your eligibility for retraining free of charge.


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