Can I put my portal subscription on hold?

Trainees and instructors have the option to put their portal subscription "on hold" for $5/month. If you are taking a break from teaching but do not wish to lose access to choreography from the past and don't want to have your account deactivated because it's past your 1 year (for trainees) or 2 year (for instructors) anniversary date of initial training, then we recommend putting your subscription on hold instead of cancelling it.

If you have the annual subscription and put your account on hold mid-year, the "hold" will kick in at the end of your annual subscription (one year after you began the subscription). For monthly subscribers, it will kick in the next month depending on your billing cycle and when you requested the hold.

You may only put your subscription on hold for a maximum of one year. During that time, you will not be able to teach BollyX or view any newly released choreography. However, once your subscription is no longer on hold, you will be able to see choreography you had previously subscribed to and your account will remain active.

Please contact if you have any questions about this. 


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