Can I subscribe to the portal if I don't pass the exam?

Yes! Many people take the BollyX Instructor Certification Training without intending to teach. They take the training for CEUs or because they have a passion for dancing and wanted to learn the dance steps. Whether you pass the exams or not, you may subscribe to the online portal to access the choreography videos. Perhaps you enjoy dancing at home instead of memorizing the choreography to teach in a class. 

If you do plan to teach, you must be subscribed to the portal in order to maintain your certification to teach. This is BollyX's Continuing Education for its instructor team. 

The monthly plan is $20/month or you can opt into the annual plan for $200/year. Both plans are auto-renewing until you cancel by logging into your portal and going to My Accounts. Following your 30-day free trial as a trainee, you will be automatically enrolled into the monthly plan until you cancel. 


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