How does the Practical Exam Work?

You will be tested on the following exam components as part of the practical:

  • Rhythm: the ability to clearly understand beats, counts and musicality
  • Pre-cueing: the ability to signal upcoming moves and to execute smooth transitions through the use of clear verbal and/or visual cues (visual preferred)
  • Technique: the ability to maintain and convey proper body form/posture/alignment throughout the movement
  • Choreography: the ability to memorize steps and cycles of movement in an appropriate sequence

You will be scored on a “Pass”, “Pass Withheld”, “Resubmit” scale. In order to pass the exam, you need to be able to demonstrate strong Rhythm and Pre-cueing abilities, proper and safe fitness Technique, along with proficiency in Choreography. You don’t need to be perfect in all areas, but demonstrate that you’ve given each of the areas special focus and attention in preparation toward becoming a BollyX instructor, and are clearly able to teach the choreography successfully.

Practical exams will be video-submission based through a YouTube upload and online submission process. The entire set will be less than 10 minutes long. You will typically receive your results within 2 weeks. You get unlimited free retests in the event that you do not pass the first time around as long as you are subscribed to the Instructor Portal.


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