What is the BollyX Online Instructor Portal?

The BollyX Portal is an online space where our subscribed members (Trainees/Instructors) will receive exclusive BollyX content and material. The subscription rate for the Portal is $20/month or $200/year. For subscribed trainees, the material will include materials for the practical exam, additional choreography and music, as well as tutorials for the specific dance steps covered in training. For instructors, the portal will include everything the trainees get access to plus marketing materials, partnership discounts and other resources to make your classes a success. Fresh content will be released every month. In order to maintain your BollyX Certification and teach BollyX classes, instructors are required to pass the practical exam and have an active subscription to the Portal. Please note that the frequency of our updates and the type of content we distribute is still a work in progress and subject to change.




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    Paramjeet Chadha

    I registered last week but no portal information yet. What is the next step and when can I start practicing?

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