Does BollyX set me up with a gym/studio?

While BollyX does not guarantee placement with a gym or studio, we are closely connected to the fitness community and can help with introductions/auditions/substitutions with various facilities. With gym facilities, the process is typically as follows: you reach out to a gym –> the gym schedules you for a “demo” class or audition –> you teach an awesome class –> you get hired directly by the gym. Having BollyX training credentials gives you a major edge as Bollywood is fresh, BollyX is even fresher, and our program has been highly successful at gyms thus far. Our instructor community is also growing rapidly, making our program highly sustainable at gym locations (i.e., gyms will have a large community to draw upon for substitute instructors when needed). Additionally, to help you promote your demos, we will provide you with a marketing package that includes flyer templates, our logo, and other related materials through the Instructor Portal. Last, please note that BollyX also operates a few studio locations of its own and will select several instructors to teach at these locations – you may audition for these teaching positions as you would any other facility. Having a current CPR/AED certification is also required in order to teach BollyX at any facility. 


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