How long is my BollyX certificate of completion valid?

Taking the training automatically earns you the status of “Trainee.” As long as you are subscribed to the Online Portal, your Trainee status will remain active. You can attend additional trainings for a discount as a subscriber. The Online Portal provides material to help you prepare for the practical exam including sample choreography, tutorials and links to music. If you have not passed the exam within a year and you aren't subscribed, your trainee account will be deactivated. You may reactivate your account by registering for another BollyX instructor training workshop.

If you have passed the practical exam and submitted your CPR/AED requirement, then the last step to becoming a certified BollyX instructor is to subscribe to the BollyX Instructor Portal for a monthly or annual fee. This gives you access to additional choreography, marketing materials, merchandise discounts and much more. In order to teach BollyX and maintain an active certification, all instructors must be subscribed to the Instructor Portal. Your BollyX Instructor Certification is active and valid as long as you are subscribed to the Portal!

If you choose not to subscribe to the Instructor Portal after passing the exam, you won't be able to teach classes. Your account will deactivate without a subscription on the 2-year anniversary of your initial training date.


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