Can I get any discounts?

There are many ways to earn discounts off of the original training price, including group discounts, referrals, gym partnerships and more. Check our training website to see Early Bird discounts, or follow us on Facebook to see posted sales*. 

As a BollyX Trainee, you are welcome to attend one additional BollyX Cardio Level 1 Training (or 9-hour LIT Training) at no charge during your one-year Trainee period (12 months from the date of your training) pending space in the training. You may only take the training you have previously taken before (i.e. Cardio Level 1 Trainees may not take a LIT training for free). This is to encourage you to remain engaged and provide you with more supporting resources on your journey to Instructor.


*Unfortunately, if you miss the Early Bird deadline or miss a sale, we cannot give you a discount from the currently listed price. If you purchased a training at the regular price, and then see a sale within one week from your date of registration/purchase, you may email us to get a price adjustment. If it is more than 7 days beyond your registration date, we unfortunately will not be able to make any exceptions to our policy and cannot provide price adjustments or refunds. We thank you for understanding our policy. 


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