What happens after I take the BollyX Certification Training?

You are now part of the BollyX Community!

1. You will receive 30 days of FREE portal access to 2 playlists worth of choreography. 

2. You may begin to purchase and download music from iTunes and Amazon.

3. If you've passed the practical exam, you may begin to learn choreography from the portal, create a playlist according to the BollyX class format and start preparing for your first class/audition. If you have not yet passed your exam, we encourage you to keep practicing by watching the portal videos and tutorials, and taking BollyX classes near you. Both trainees and instructors can be subscribed to the portal.  

4. After the 30 day free trial, if you do not cancel your subscription, you will be automatically enrolled in the month-to-month subscription of $20, or you can opt-in to the yearly payment of $200. 

We're happy to have you in our Community!


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