How do I get music to set up my playlist?

Instead of including music in our portal fee, we give our instructors the freedom to choose the songs they want to purchase and teach in their classes. Each month, 5 or more choreographed songs are released through the portal. These videos are for instructors to use to learn the choreography to teach in their classes. Links to these songs are listed underneath the choreographed song in the portal, but instructors have to purchase it and download to their phone or iPod in order to create the playlist for class. Instructors should not be using the portal videos' music to teach classes with. 

Instructors may already own the song or may opt to purchase and download the songs from Amazon or iTunes. Alternative subscription music services also exist - just double check the song version is the same as the one used for BollyX. For the sped up warm-up songs, you will have to follow instructions in the portal (Music Tools) to speed it up yourself before placing in your playlist.



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