How do I prepare for the BollyX Instructor Training day?

We offer online training and blended trainings (online component + in-person workshop).

If you've registered for the in-person workshop, after you submit your registration and selected a training date, you will receive a confirmation email that your registration was received. Please read that thoroughly as it contains critical information about the next steps.

Two weeks before your workshop, you will receive email notification that you can activate your account in the BollyX Online Portal. Upon activating it, you will have access to material so you can begin preparing for the practical exam that you can opt to take at the end of the training workshop. We highly encourage you to sign up AT LEAST TWO (2) weeks before your training date to give you ample time to review and practice the exam material.

There are also online tutorials that will help you prepare for the exam. Upon arriving to your training, you will already be familiar with the music and choreography, which will help you immensely during the exam.

The 4-hour workshop covers all the practical components of dance technique and teaching so you will be on your feet for the majority of the time. Get sleep, eat nutritiously and hydrate properly leading up to the training so you'll have the energy and stamina to last through the exam. 

Please note, once your portal has been activated, you cannot receive a refund. You may pay a fee to transfer your registration to another workshop should you not be able to make the training you originally signed up for. 


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