Can I teach my own choreography in BollyX classes?

BollyX is a pre-choreographed, pre-formatted cardio dance fitness class. For consistency and quality, we ask that all certified BollyX instructors who teach BollyX classes to set up their playlist according to the format provided in the training and portal, and to use the choreography given to specific songs found in the Online Portal. 

We ask that you teach according to the BollyX format if you are calling your class BollyX on the group exercise schedule. If you wish to teach your own choreographed Bollywood songs, please market with another class name (e.g. Bollywood dance with Shahil). We want to ensure that all participants who take a class titled "BollyX" get the same high quality, consistent experience no matter which gym or instructors class they attend.

You can teach up to 3 BollyX songs in a Zumba class and still be in line with Zumba's format/policy. However, you cannot teach any Bollywood choreography from Zumba in BollyX classes. Zumba doesn't have a pre-choreographed format, whereas BollyX does.  We know it can be confusing so if you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to email to ask. 

If you are teaching another dance format that's not BollyX (e.g. Cardio dance fitness), but would like to use BollyX's choreography, you may use up to 3 of BollyX's choreography. Please acknowledge that the choreography is BollyX's. If you have choreography to a Bollywood song that you use in another format, but that is also used in BollyX, when teaching BollyX, please use BollyX's choreography and not your own choreography (nor choreography from the other format).

In the BollyX LIT (Low Impact Training) format, instructors are educated on how to modify pre-choreographed movements so that it is safe for their participants who prefer low impact dance movements. In this case, some choreography may differ from the portal choreography due to low impact modifications. However, LIT instructors are still not permitted to create their own choreography and call their class BollyX LIT.

When teaching BollyX, or any other branded fitness programs, we ask that you abide by each program's guidelines and branding. Other fitness programs also would not want you to be teaching BollyX choreography if they too have their own choreography that they want you to teach.

If you have any additional questions regarding pre-choreography, please email


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