How do I become a BollyX LIT Instructor?

Steps to becoming a certified BollyX LIT Instructor:

1) Instructor Training: Attend a 9-hour BollyX Instructor Training. Check the BollyX website to find a list of locations and dates for upcoming trainings, and to register for trainings.

2) Practical Exam: You need to pass a short practical exam to demonstrate that you are fully competent in proper teaching techniques of BollyX. You are tested on your ability to find and maintain rhythm, to pre-cue, to memorize and teach the provided choreography with proper technique. Trainees must demonstrate their ability to successfully teach low impact choreography with pre-cues to pass the practical exam.

Once you pass the practical exam, you officially become a fully certified BollyX instructor! From that point forward to maintain your Instructor Certification, you will need to subscribe to the online Instructor portal (~$20/month). You are eligible to teach BollyX classes and your Certification will remain active as long as you are subscribed to the portal.

This fee gives instructors complete access to our BollyX Instructor Portal (online), which include:

  • Proprietary choreography
  • Product discounts
  • Ongoing content releases 
  • Marketing materials

Each month, we refresh our class choreography and provide you with everything you need to keep your BollyX classes exciting and cutting edge! The monthly fee is the only fee you pay to maintain your BollyX Certification. Beyond that, you keep 100% of the money that you earn from teaching classes.

3) CPR/AED Certification: All our instructors must be CPR/AED certified to be able to teach. All trainees will be asked to submit a copy of their CPR/AED certificate before become a certified instructor. Please note, online certifications are not allowed. The CPR/AED training must be done in person.


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