Can I get CEUs/CECs for taking the BollyX Certification Trainings?

Yes, those who have fitness certifications with AFAA, NASM, ACE, and BCRPA (Canada) can obtain Continuing Education Units/Credits by taking BollyX Certification Trainings. You will receive a Certificate of Completion after your training (this is independent of the exam). BollyX has two 9-hour formats that require no prerequisites: Cardio Level 1 (CL1) and Low Impact Training (LIT). 

  • AFAA certified trainees receive 8.5 CEUs (CL1); 9.0 CEUs (LIT)
  • NASM certified trainees receive 0.7 CEUs (CL1); 0.9 (LIT)
  • ACE certified trainees receive 0.8 CEUs (CL1); 0.7 (LIT)
  • canfitpro certified trainees receive 4 FIS (CL1)
  • BCRPA certified trainees receive 8.0 CEUs (CL1)

We also have a 4-hour Low Impact Training (LIT) Workshop for current instructors/trainees who have already taken the 9-hour CL1 training and want to add the LIT certification to their teaching repertoire. The 4-hour LIT workshop is eligible for 4.0 AFAA CEUs, 0.4 NASM CEUs, 0.3 ACE CEUs and 2 canfitpro FIS. 


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