What if I don't pass the exam? Can I retake a training?

Any currently subscribed member (trainee/instructor) of the BollyX community is eligible to retake his/her certification training (Cardio Level 1 or LIT, whichever he/she has taken before) free of charge, pending space. Please email to inquire about space availability if interested in retaking another certification training. If space is not available at the requested training, we will add you to our waitlist.

If you've taken a full 9-hour training, did not submit or pass the exam and have since unsubscribed from the portal, you are still eligible to retake another training as long as it is within one year of your initial training date. After one year from your initial training date, without a subscription, your account will be deactivated. If you wish to take another full training in order to take the practical exam, please email to inquire about registering for another training with a discounted fee (this offer only valid for former trainees whose eligibility period has lapsed).


Please note that anyone retaking a certification will not be receiving another tank/tee shirt (unless paying full price for the training). Also, recertification trainings do NOT change your initial training date, which is the date used to determine your eligibility for retraining free of charge. 



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