How do I connect BollyX to my TV?

There are a few preferred methods for connecting BollyX to your TV:

  • HDMI Cable: If you are connecting from your laptop, a sure-fire method is to use an HDMI cable. Here’s a quick tutorial from WikiHow with pictures on how to do this!

  • Smart TV Web Browser: If you have a Smart TV, it probably comes with a pre-installed web browser, which means you can use the TV’s browser to navigate directly to (just as you would on a laptop or desktop computer). The main setback, however, is that it can be tedious to use your remote control to type in text like your username and password. We highly recommend investing in a wireless mouse/keyboard, as you can get these for $10-$30 (here’s one we recommend from Logitech on Amazon), and this will work for all of your TV web browsing needs!

  • Chromecast: This method works great if you are looking to avoid cables and don’t already have a TV web browser; however, you may experience a lag on the audio depending on your internet speed and connectivity (as your computer now has to transmit a signal wirelessly through the Chromecast device, instead of through a hard HDMI cable or using a Smart TV web browser). Here’s a quick tutorial straight from Google on how to setup and use your Chromecast device!


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