What is BollyX On Demand?

BollyX On Demand (or “BOD” for short) is the at-home version of BollyX – The Bollywood Workout! If there isn't a live class you can attend near you, or you prefer supplementing your gym workout with at-home ones, BOD is for you!

Included in your subscription to BOD are pre-set workouts that have been designed for safety, and effectiveness, and have a fun theme in mind. In addition to those workouts, you can create your own with your song library, or dance with the instructors in our live-recorded BollyX classes. There is also a library of tutorials and dance breakdowns if you want to focus on technique. In addition, you’ll receive 3 song credits each month so you can unlock your favorite songs in order to add them to your personal song library to create your own custom workouts. BollyX On Demand is free for the first 30 days, then it costs $9 per month until cancelled. If you are interested in an annual subscription, please email us



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