I'm subscribed to the Instructor Portal but can't view all songs. Why is that?

BollyX offers three (3) separate formats: BollyX Cardio Level 1 (CL1), Low Impact Training (LIT) and BollyX for Kids. 

Depending on what certification you have, you will be able to view choreography/songs that are specific to that format. The vast majority of the songs in the Instructor Portal are songs for CL1 classes. There are many songs that are appropriate for all three formats (pending some slight modifications as taught in the training).

There are a few songs that are accessible to only one of the formats. For example, if there's a song choreographed specifically for the BollyX for Kids format, as a CL1 and/or LIT instructor, you won't be able to view that song since it is specific to the BollyX for Kids format. To unlock that song, you may register for the BollyX for Kids training to obtain the certification for that format. 


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